Kew Gardens mobile app

  • Visitors at Kew Gardens

In October 2010, Kew Gardens commissioned an in-depth study of visitors’ motivations and information needs around its 300-acre site, with the express aim that it should guide the development of new mobile apps. It turned out that most Kew visitors loved the sense of unguided exploration and the serendipitous discoveries they made at Kew. This knowledge influenced mobile thinking at Kew, and the development of its first ‘permanent’ mobile app, launched in Summer 2011.

Our research and its impact on mobile strategy is published at:

Waterson, N. and Saunders, M. (2012), Delightfully lost: a new kind of wayfinding at Kew. In N. Proctor and R. Cherry (eds). Museums and the Web 2012: Selected Papers and Proceedings.